A special gold lustre edition of the classic Candy Dish designed by Austrian architect and designer, Oswald Haerdtl (1899 -1959).

Oswald Haerdtls designs are a great challenge for the connoisseur as well as for the craftsman. These extraordinary candy dishes charm by their lightness and their encouragement for elegant handling. They were first made for the presentation at the "Exposition des Arts Décoratifs" at Paris in 1925.

S= HK2,100.00 (Dia 80mm x H138mm) ;

M=HKD2,650.00 (dia 100 mm x H 175 mm)

L= HK3,100.00 (Dia 127 mm x H 220 mm);

XL= HKD9,300.00 (Dia 220 mm x 390 mm, upon request)

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