Scars are a normal part of life, especially for children.

From split lips to skinned knees, every curious and active child gets scrapes and cuts once in a while. No matter how vigilant you are, it’s almost impossible to avoid. So be prepared to treat any cuts, scrapes, scratches, or other skin wounds your kid may suffer along the way. The physiological healing process is not much different in children, but the resulting scar is very rich in collagen and very dense. The main difference probably lies at the level of the immune system and the inflammatory response.

Therefore, when dealing with children, it takes a little more know-how to help the injury heal properly, but if good care is given to a scar at the beginning of the healing process, the result will be a less notable scar.

Here are some recommendations on how to treat wound scars properly and minimize the extent of a scar:

Keep it clean. After the injury, once the bleeding has stopped, keep the wound clean to help the healing process, and cover it with a clean dressing. Always wash your hands before starting the dressing change.

Avoid picking or scratching scabs. As it heals, a scab is likely to form. It’s protecting the skin underneath and helps it to heal by forming new tissue. Picking the scab will delay healing and the scar it leaves may be worse.

Protect from the sun. The wound healing process may be influenced by UV irradiation, by the immediate UV-induced inflammation. Once a scar gets burned or tanned, it will not fade back to its normal color and a dark spot will always be present. Therefore, it’s important to avoid the sun on a fresh wound and use sun protection.

Once the initial wound has healed and the scab has fallen off, it’s time to get serious about preventing or minimizing scarring. The silicone gel treatment will help soften, flatten and improve the coloration of a scar. Kelo Cell contains an innovative stem cell-based formula that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin to lock in moisture and assist in the scar healing process by supporting collagen production and cell renewal. It will help to reduce the inflammation process, as well as improve the scar’s appearance of your child.

Note: Consult a doctor and follow medical advice, if the wound is deep, bleeds heavily, or shows signs of infection, like reddening, swelling, or warmth.


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