On October 22 and 23, The Macallan celebrated the launch of The Macallan Edition No.6 at K11 Art & Cultural Centre. The Macallan Edition No.6 is a new limited edition single malt whisky that celebrates the natural wonders of The Macallan Estate and the vibrant lifeforce that sustains it – the River Spey.

Hosted by Patricia Byott, Brand Ambassador for The Macallan Hong Kong, the unveiling of the Edition No. 6 was a feast for the senses where guests enjoyed a gastronomic meal pairing with The Macallan while overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour – a spiritual representation of the Spey.  It was an unforgettable event to experience the real beauty and power of nature complemented by an exceptional and peerless spirit.

Marking the sixth and final release in The Macallan Edition Series, Edition No.6 tells the story of a unique land and an extraordinary river, where whisky making, agriculture and nature all live in total harmony.  It brings together The Macallan’s Ghillie, Robert Mitchell; Hardy, the world’s most renowned fly fishing brand; and The Atlantic Salmon Trust, which has over 50 years’ experience in salmon conservation.

The Macallan Estate lies on the banks of the River Spey, one of Scotland’s most legendary rivers renowned across the world as a home to the mighty Atlantic salmon.  A day on this river, with its pure water, stunning wild landscape and calmness is a once in a lifetime experience.

The Macallan’s Ghillie, Robert Mitchell is the guardian of The Macallan’s stretch of the River Spey and takes great pride in his role caring for the river. He said: “A day on the River Spey is supremely special.  You feel that you are escaping from everything and truly connecting with nature and with our Distillery completing this stunning landscape, there is no other place in the world capable of drawing so many wonders together.  We are proud custodians of our one-and-three-quarter mile stretch of the River Spey and advocate for sustainability of the wildlife in and around it and so all fishing at The Macallan is catch and release.”

Inspired by the remarkable experience offered by the Spey, The Macallan Whisky Maker, Steven Bremner, created Edition No.6 by choosing five cask styles that embody unique stories related to the river and its unparalleled natural landscape.  Crafted from a combination of American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, Edition No.6 captures the River Spey’s energy; the warm, welcoming personality of The Macallan’s Ghillie; the classic craftsmanship of Hardy; the extraordinary life of the Atlantic salmon on the beat; and the mastery of whisky making on The Macallan Estate, which has taken place since 1824.

The result is a multifaceted whisky delivering aromas of fresh fruits, nutmeg and toffee merged with oak and flavours of ripe plum, vibrant sweet oranges and cinnamon, developing into spicy fresh fruits and creamy chocolate and toasted oats at the finish.

Steven Bremner, The Macallan Whisky Maker, said: “From its early days of whisky making almost 200 years ago, The Macallan has been strongly inspired by and intrinsically connected to nature. It is the force that flows through everything we do at The Macallan and our whisky is enriched by its powerful presence.  Edition No.6 is inspired by the natural world surrounding our Distillery, which has so much to offer and enjoy, in particular the River Spey, which is so vibrant, and full of energy.

“This complex single malt provides the perfect conclusion to the Edition Series as there is so much to discover in this whisky. The natural colour of antique brass derived from The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks indicates the richness of flavour that awaits and there is a structure and depth that is uncovered more and more over time.”

To protect the magical sense of the Spey that lies at the heart of Edition No.6, The Macallan has launched a new charitable partnership with The Atlantic Salmon Trust to help to conserve the at-risk fish, whose numbers have declined so rapidly in recent years.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is protecting wild salmon and sea trout wherever they roam, especially in places like the River Spey, by tracking their migration across thousands of km from their dominion to the open oceans.  As a guardian of one of the last sanctuaries of Scottish salmon, The Macallan is supporting The Trust’s vital conservation work on the River Spey and beyond.

The Edition Series explores the unique and defining elements which make The Macallan one of the world’s most revered single malts. Each release reveals the detail of whisky making and showcases the absolute skill of the whisky maker, while sharing the story of The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks and mastery behind the perfect cask selection since 1824.

The Macallan Edition No.6 has an RRSP of HK$1103 and will be available in major wine and spirit retailers in Hong Kong starting from Oct 2020.

Whisky Maker’s Notes:

ABV: 48.6%

Colour: Antique brass

Aroma: Rich fresh fruits, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, toffee, vanilla, and oak

Palate: Plum and sweet orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, balanced oak, toffee, and oats

Finish: Long fresh fruit with spices turning to creamy chocolate and toasted oats

Additional Information

The River Spey

The River Spey is a proud symbol of Scotland, flowing for 107 miles northeast across the Highlands into the North Sea.

It rises at about 1,150 feet in the Corrieyairack Forest and derives tributaries from the Monadhliath Mountains, the Grampian Mountains, and the Cairngorms. In the wider, lower valley of Strathspey, it swings between great sweeps of terraces and finally enters the sea by a shifting mouth across a shingle spit between Buckie and Lossiemouth.

The ninth longest river in the UK, and the third longest and fastest flowing river in Scotland, the Spey is one of the country’s most legendary rivers, renowned across the world as a home to the mighty Atlantic salmon. Wild Atlantic salmon are at risk of becoming an endangered species and the River Spey has the largest salmon population in Scotland. It is designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest.

The River Spey has played a fundamental role in The Macallan’s history and heritage. The distillery’s location was originally selected in 1824 due to its proximity to the river as it could provide the natural water resource – a key ingredient in the production process. To this day, the river provides an extraordinary source of inspiration for The Macallan.

The Macallan Fishing Beat

The Macallan Estate lies on the banks of the River Spey and has over 1.8 miles of river running through the estate. As a landowner adjacent to the river, The Macallan has its own Fishing Beat on the Spey, where guests can fish for salmon under the watchful eye of The Macallan Ghillie.

The River Spey is recognised as one of the finest fly fishing rivers in Europe, attracting fishermen from across the globe. Located in the valley just below the distillery, The Macallan Fishing Beat features beautiful pools, including a 25ft deep tunnel pool in the middle, and offers a majestic location, where visitors can truly connect with nature while enjoying one of the world’s greatest rivers,

The Macallan is a proud custodian of its stretch of the River Spey, and advocates for sustainability of the wildlife in and around it. With a 100% return of its fish, all fishing at The Macallan is, and always will be, catch and release, and all fish are treated with the utmost respect and care during that time.

About The Macallan

Founded in 1824, The Macallan is one of the worlds’ most admired and awarded single malt whiskies. The reputation of The Macallan is based on a product of outstanding quality and distinctive character. An obsession with excellence has been the hallmark of The Macallan since its founding, by Alexander Reid, on a plateau above the river Spey in north-east Scotland.

In May 2018, The Macallan unveiled its new £140 million distillery and visitor experience on its Speyside estate, increasing investment in whisky, warehousing and in The Macallan’s signature sherry-seasoned oak casks.  The striking contemporary architecture, cut into the slope of the land, takes its cues from ancient Scottish hills.  It stands nearby Easter Elchies House, the Highland Manor built in 1700 which has been The Macallan’s spiritual home since 1824.  The new distillery marks an important milestone, recognising the significant journey of The Macallan since 1824 and marking an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the luxury single malt.”

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